Micro Mix

Whether you use Roundup Ready® or conventional crops, you need AgriGuardian™ Micro Mix

MicroMix_globeWhat is AgriGuardian™ Micro Mix?

Micro Mix is a blend of sugar-based chelated micronutrients designed to overcome subtle micronutrient deficiencies commonly found in crops, and those caused by herbicide usage.

All Crops Can Benefit From Micro Mix

All crops need the essential micronutrients found in AgriGuardian™ Micro Mix. Approximately 85-95% of all soils tested are deficient in one or more micronutrients. AgriGuardian™ Micro Mix is an excellent source of micronutrients, containing a balance of micronutrients in a form that is readily available for crops.

Forages and other agronomic crops can use AgriGuardian™ Micro Mix to improve yields and nutrient quality. Fruit and vegetable growers who use AgriGuardian™ Micro Mix have reported higher yields, better quality produce (including deeper colour, better flavour, and longer shelf life), as well as overall healthier plants. Ornamental growers report healthier plants with a better appearance.

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