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At Agrow Guard we believe that we can help growers achieve the genetic potential of their crops by providing science-based and proven products that can boost plant growth, increase nutrient uptake and strengthen the plants natural defense system.

And because we farm ourselves, We believe that we must leave healthier soils for the next generation of growers to ensure their wellbeing through sustainable agricultural production practices.


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A Leader in Agronomical Technology – AgriGuardian TM

The scientists, chemists and formulators that developed AgriGuardian™ products have over a 100 years experience working with agriculture to meet the nutritional needs of plants and crops. Their products are built from the ground up to ensure that nutrients are properly balanced, readily available, quickly absorbed, and immediately usable by the plants and crops.

AgriGuardian™ products are also designed to be compatible in tank mixes with most chemistries. When it comes to meeting the nutritional needs of crops and increasing yields, AgriGuardian™ products are some of the most cost effective and efficient products on the market today.

Closing the Gap Between Actual Yield and the Crops Genetic Potential – AgriGro ®

Through innovative crop production products like IgniteS2® and organically approved Ultra® and AgriCal®, producers around the globe are improving soil health and growing higher quality, better yielding crops while lowering their production costs and dependence on chemical inputs.

Microbiology drives the physical and chemical components of crop production to maximize productivity. When AgriGro® prebiotics are applied to the seed, soil and the plant, there is an immediate increase of microbial activity up to 5,000% within the first 24 to 38 hours that can last for 28 to 35 days effectively giving the plant a boost when it needs it most.